Misdirection home: Feet back on the far side of the World…….

So, if you’re reading this you’ll probably be curious as to why I am writing a blog……….

Hopefully, via this online spiel of garble I’ll be able to document semi-articulately another stage of the mad journey that has been the last few years. Considering I aspire to be a muscian, the fact that I have just arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay’s river/seaside capital, couldn’t have really come at a more inopportune time.  However as Jimmy Page once put it (probably high on some exotic tobacco), travel is the biggest inspiration for music, and truth be told my soundtrack of the last few mad years has largely been the tinkering of my own musical yearnings.  Perhaps with the odd flash of Katy Perry tucked in…………….

  Though the shadow of Afghanistan has not long shaken itself from owning my bootheels,  I’m away once more on a new journey with little idea of the kind of people I’ll meet, the country I’ll discover and ultimately what more I will learn about myself.  Some of you may find it interesting, others not so, but at some point we all come to a fork in life’s funny old path.  For me, sooner or later the boat’s gonna rock and I have no idea whether when I jump I’ll make shore, or decide on the easier option and try and rough it out. I guess that’s the beauty of risk:  is the ‘climb’ worth it?

Whilst I’m not here to broaden my musical horizons (shame), I fully intend to find a deeper sense of music and what kind of songwriter/singer I am,  if I am truly one at all.  Obvious comparisons will I’m sure immediately set off more than one alarm bell, but I am not yet immersed in the musicworld and so I’m on the road to persuade this country to allow me into its clutches and absorb everything it has to offer musically, culturally and, gastronomically……….

As I sit on my balcony listening to Led Zep’s sublimely chilled ‘That’s the Way’ and sipping my Johnnie Walker, I realise, third night in a row I’m on my own and that it’s been two days since I’ve had an English conversation to anyone.  Not as I’d expected.  Hasta la proxima………



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  1. Me
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 09:19:56

    You write really well!! Maybe you should consider becoming a poet when your voice breaks 😉 seriously though 🙂 xx


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