Goodbye 30011020 Capt AD Raine…………

So, I have decided to re-start my blog. Tomorrow I will board a flight to Bangkok on route to Laos for a period of writing, cultural guzzling and exorcising my military mind as best I can before I am back in London late spring to take up being a musician full time. My army fatigues are handed in, my army ID is no more, and by April 11th (my last official day) the term Captain Raine will be but a fading soundbite. I’m out the door, I’m a free man and it feels a little scary.

Most of those reading will perhaps know of my musical ambitions, and so I do not deny that it is with uncertain feet I am about to embark on what is a quite big step; quit a job that pays respectably well and where I had decent career prospects in order to pay a guitar and sing for a living……….sounds rather daft doesn’t it?

I have thus decided to document this potential act of lunacy for several reasons; firstly, almost as a journal for myself to look back upon nostalgically as a senile old man; secondly, because it “may be” helpful in boosting my social media……….. (though I’m not holding out on this one); thirdly, hopefully to document the attempts of someone making a a change in their life not for money, but for artistic endeavours, and finally as a showcase for those who maybe having cold feet in whatever they are doing, that bugger all will happen unless we get off our arses and do it. For good or for bad.

So why on earth am I going all the way to Laos to write!? some of you are probably asking. And quite rightly, it’s a bloody long way away. To paraphrase a veritable legend of rock , Jimmy Page once said something about travel being the best thing for musical inspiration, so I hope ol’Jimbo is right. I currently have lots of little ideas floating around in my odd brain but I have felt reluctant to try and put pen to paper for this reason. I wanted to go somewhere off the track, quiet and completely alien to my western sensibilities in an effort to help feed a bit of artistic creativity. A friend of mine mentioned Laos as he had recently visited and spoke warmly of the people, place and the laid back atmosphere.  The obvious would have been to say that I want to escape what seems to be this awful winter hangover Britain is undergoing and find somewhere warm for the next 6 weeks whilst I have the opportunity and time. This I think would seem perfectly rational reason for anyone to up sticks and as Europe as a whole is pretty scheizer  all round at the mo, Angela Merkel will have to hold out a bit longer before I come and serenade her schnitzels, so Laos gets my vote.

Time will obviously tell, but the next chapter starts this week and I’m excited and petrified in equal measure.  Stay tuned for more dribble, scribbles and tales from Buckingshire’s biggest Minstrel!

Your Majesty, it has been a pleasure……….

Antony x


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Cheryl
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 00:41:28

    Good luck Antony….go show ’em x


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