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You feel like you’re climbing a wall and just when you feel like you’re getting to the top of it, some bastard lays another line of bricks.”

Dan Mizen

It seems strange to think that my EP launch gig was just over two months ago.  The golden summer of 2013 was still in full flow, the underground, a sweatbox at the best of times, was a constant furnace I feared whenever I ventured down there, and barely a day went by when I wasn’t in shorts and flipflops. Now the ominous sign of yellow leaves lazily dusting the streets and pavements is everywhere. Autumn is here with a vengeance, Winter is pressing and that wonderful summer is now a fading memory.  As I walked home yesterday with the wind biting, the night sky darkening and my eyes tiring, I reflected on the months since the gig and more pertinent to that evening, my earnings after an hour’s busking on the Southbank: 1 pound.  And so I then bought a tin of chopped tomatoes………

Despite that meagre profit from street performing, there is plenty to be pleased about. The EP initially hit 12 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart, the artwork (by my pal Freddy Paske-look him up!) is fantastic, visually evocative and completely hit the nail on the head of what I wanted.  I’ve also managed to get some plays on local radio, BFBS Radio and on a BBC Radio 6 Introducing Show , which is great, but they have limited ceiling of exposure for the moment. The aftermath however, has felt a little frustrating: I feel there is more I could have done, but yet I’m at loss to pinpoint exactly what.  People are kind to say I should be pleased with what I have achieved (re the EP), but in the age where the daily uptake on Facebook inevitably includes someone posting about a new house, their dog, engagement, pregnancies, new bambinos, career acceleration etc, I feel the acceleration of time catching up to achieve greatness/idolatry/security blahblah, as a I approach the age of dare I say it 29…….err maybe err 30……….

Laying down a demo for future recordings...

Laying down a demo for future recordings…

And so trying to figure out what to do next is proving tricky.  Not that I didn’t expect it to and indeed it would be boring it there wasn’t a challenge, that’s part of the excitement in taking risk. I’ve spent more time recently combing the social media waves than I do playing my guitar annoyingly, sending stuff off to the industry and researching until well gone midnight.  The modern musician has to be more than just a guy/girl playing a guitar in club sadly because there is so much music out there, too much, I even heard a prominent radio DJ say recently on an online seminar.  Each day often feels like a mix between trying to win the lottery and applying for a job; to the hundreds of journos, record labels, radio producers who just don’t get back to you.

This then leads you in to thinking several things; either the music is not quite good enough, perhaps they are unexcited by the whole ex-army thing, or anything I send them was wedged and lost amongst the thousand other pretenders.  I suspect it is a mix of all three, but much as though I wouldn’t like to admit it, it perhaps lies for heavily with the former.   I am never going to write pastiche pop, something that is immediately accessible for the industry dons, but if I am going to make it, someone is going to need to get behind what I’m trying to do. And this is the bugger: finding the bastard………

98% of commercial radio music comes from a database and to get on that database, you need to have a decent mainstream radio producer or DJ on board.  To get to that producer or DJ, unless you have an amazing contact who will help you out, you usually need a radio plugger, and for a good one these bastards usually charge between £3-5000, but, there is no guarantee it gets on air.  For the big labels this is ishmish money, but to a small independent artist like myself it is currently out of reach.  So, I’m trying to work outside the box to get to these “DJs/Producers/god-like beings” and whilst I’ve managed to get some reasonable contacts, so far most has been to no avail.  It can unsurprisingly be a little deflating when you have worked so hard on something, poured so much of your own money into it, and the industry is just not interested.  For example, a while back I’d emailed a couple of songs to a guy who managed a serious mainstream artist; he said they were ok but to come back again when I had something more.  When it was ready, I sent him “Silhouettes”, to which his reply read, “to be quite frank, disappointing”.   I sat with my lips pursed, in pretentious contemplation, feeling like a rebuked schoolboy wondering how he could possibly be disappointed with a song that has the ‘nouse’ to subtly reference Shakespeare? “Who else does this?” I was shouting angrily at my laptop.  When I came down off my high perch, I realised maybe he didn’t notice or even care, but quite probably, just didn’t rate it as a song.

It feels now more than ever like being a small fish in in sea of sharks, and yes, no-one likes getting nibbled, but to quote that paragon of stubborn, pig-headed resilience Winston Churchill, I’ve got to “keep buggering on”. If I want it as much as I say I do.  So, I acknowledge mistakes made (there were plenty), I knuckle down, keep plugging the EP where I can, get better and bring out better music.  It is a hard business, and like any tough venture, you have to be thick-skinned to surpass all the shit and hope that inevitably a good slice of luck will come your way.

Studio time is now booked for a week at the end of November to record the next EP and I’m currently trying to decide which songs to put on it. The shortlist is about 10 and the aim is to continue the next EP in the same vain with Freddy again doing the artwork.  I’m also looking to put out a live album of the St Pancras gig, so for those that were there in August and wish to hear it again, I’m hoping it will be ready in time for Christmas. I’m also hoping to do some sort of UK tour in the New Year before the next release.

So, if you’re reading this and wish to help my cause,  spread the music among friends (to stream) (to buy) or if you really feel like jumping on board, come and say hello at my facebook page 

Yours aye,


P.S If anyone would like to be involved in any way, whether it’s offering PR ideas, interesting places to play on my tour, or who knows any eccentric, philanthropic person who might wish to sponsor my crazy dream, please drop me a line at Maybe I can write you a song in return 🙂


My song of the week: Aretha Franklin


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