The Whipping Tail

Lyrics from track “The Whipping Tail” from forthcoming EP “Blood & Treasure”.


Silence breaks on scarlet sky

Scars at dawn born eye for eye

Black foot, white foot morning wail

The wind she lifts her whipping tail


Down in the ganglands garlands bud

Load up the gangplank to kiss the mud

An ivory switch-knife to cussing blade

A skyline shifts from white to grey


The city breathes sinewy gales

Smoking, choking she still inhales

The thrashing ends of a flashing hail

From the hounds misled from the whipping tail


Deadbeats, meanstreets, city slums,

Homeless, shameless, single mums

Big time goldmine bonus mile,

The big fish feed with a shark-toothed smile


Cold winds gather

Gonna race and howl


The old guard languish on polished floors

The vanguard’s graveyard keeping score

How the enemy waits at our hallowed gates

Please all upstanding the whipping tail


England waits on English blood,

Cask up in oak and drape in colours

The old girl creeks and starts to bale

And Britannia lists from bow to tail


Cold winds gather

Gonna race and howl


For a line is slowly slipping

They’re listening in and out

Ain’t no smoke up on high now

Without fire flooding down


And so I hope you find your freedom

In god or hope or love

So pour yourself to Jesus

Or whatever keeps your door

Copyright: Antony Raine 2013


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